If You Want To Become A Professional Home Stager,

Follow Your Passion, Earn $70 Per Hour Or More,

And Have Fun Every Day

Doing What You Love… Here’s How:


Imagine your day as a highly paid home staging professional...

After a cozy morning in your home office answering email inquiries from potential new clients, you hop in your beautiful car, still enjoying that new car smell… and head over to your favorite cafe.

It's a quick drive and along the way you enjoy the gorgeous mid-morning sunlight and savor the view of the dogwoods in bloom…

You're meeting with some real estate agents who found you because they liked a home you staged last week. You win over some new contacts and have fun talking about your recent projects.

On the way home you stop at an open house that you staged yesterday - the agent is already getting great feedback! She hands you a fat check and a thank you note from the homeowners.

Next you stop by for your appointment at the best salon in town. It’s expensive… but you can afford it, and you enjoy treating yourself. You feel like a million bucks when you walk out the door… worth every penny!

Once you get home you spend some time shopping online for good deals on home decor for your business inventory and checking out design blogs for inspiration. This hardly feels like "work" to you at all - it's just too much fun!

You start researching a last-minute trip to a Caribbean island you've never visited. Just the thought of the clear turquoise water makes you grin...


You Could Continue On

As You've Done For So Many Years...


Waking up way too early, rushing through your morning routine only to hop in your car and crawl helplessly along the highway to your dull job....

Once you arrive at work the same old mind-numbing events unfold as you count down until your lunch break. When you return to your desk you find a memo notifying you that your vacation request has been denied due to scheduling conflicts.

You survive two tedious afternoon meetings. When the day is finally over you get back in your car and fight traffic all the way home again, drained again.

You can keep playing this loop again and again, and from time to time as the years go by, you'll wonder what it would have been like to break free and start your own home staging business.

Look, if you're like me, you're creative. You've always had an eye for color and design.

If I had to work another day in an office, I'd probably feel like tearing my hair out! Office politics, meetings, memos, endless e-mails... it's a nightmare!

Sound familiar?


When I Discovered Home Staging,

I Found A Great Way To Turn My

Passion Into Money…


Home stagers make an average of $70 per hour or more helping homeowners get their homes ready to sell. And that’s just for consulting… you won’t even have to do any hands-on work.

Home staging is truly a dream job. But with home staging seminars so far away and expensive, how do you make the dream a reality?

You can learn to be a professional home stager without spending thousands on weekend seminars. The fact is, home staging seminars are grossly overpriced. These “schools” churn out masses of newly minted home stagers every single weekend like clockwork - to the tune of $1700 and up per person.

That's $1700 out of your pocket plus travel expenses including a plane ticket, rental car, hotel, and restaurants.

Seminars can be a great way to learn … if you have the vast amounts of money, time, and patience required. In a group learning environment you have to wait until everyone understands the material before you can move on.

And there's always one in every group - that person with the never-ending barrage of questions and comments - that person that sucks up all of your precious seminar time that you paid good money for!

Do you seriously want to spend your weekend taking turns arranging pillows in another city?

Do you really want to sink thousands of dollars into a seminar when you don’t really have to?

What if there was an easier way?

My name is Jackie Riley and I have an affordable, effective way to how you how to become a home stager.


I’ve Been Teaching People Just Like You

To Become Professional Home Stagers

(Including People With ZERO Experience In

Home Staging Or Decorating) Since 2005 –

Without Charging A Fortune!


I've seen home staging courses come and go over the years, and it always upsets me to see the obscene price tags on those programs.

Home staging is a great way to make a very good income... but what about right now? If money is tight, then a $1700 seminar is probably out of the question. Right?

Earning a good living with your dream job every day is a blessing, and I want to help you get there.

Wouldn’t it be nice to surprise your loved ones with nice “just because” gifts?

Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to take your family on extra special vacations that they will always remember?

And maybe you’ll splurge on yourself a little bit because you deserve it… wouldn’t that be great?

The lifestyle you want is within reach right now.

Home staging is a smart, low-risk business to start because your service will be needed no matter what condition the real estate market is in. And you can start the business part-time while you keep your regular job or jump in full-time right away.

You’ll hardly need any start-up money. And you can charge at least $70 per hour for your service!


“Home Staging Success” Is The Best

Effective And Affordable Way To Start Your Own

Lucrative Home Staging Business…


Basically, if you want to become a home stager, you go about it a few different ways:

·         You can sign up for a seminar in another city, spend thousands of dollars to attend, take time away from your job and family, and cram as much material into your head in one short weekend as you possibly can.

·         You can watch home staging TV shows, read books, and then set out on your own, without any real understanding of how to manage client meetings, fees, marketing, and dozens of other crucial aspects of your new business.

·         You can sign up for my convenient email-based course and let me take you by the hand, as you go from student to professional in a matter of weeks!

Here Are Some Unsolicited Testimonials

From Some Of My Students:


Hi Jackie! Things have taken off like you wouldn't believe since I received your e-book! I have done 3 consultations last week @ $100. each and have 3 more scheduled for this week! The problem is that my phone is ringing a lot more than I ever expected it to and I'm only one person!

I honestly can't believe I am doing this! It is a dream come true that I can get up and decorate all day and have the freedom I didn't have with traditional ID work to be creative and do whatever I want to with the rooms! It is great!

Thanks Jackie!!


"Stage to Sell"


Hi Jackie,

My name is Karen and I purchased your book. It was everything I thought it would be.

I purchased two other books prior to yours and they were informative, but not on the business end of home staging as yours is...

This business is perfect for me. I've have been interested in decorating for a while and I am also an entrepreneur. Thank you so much for giving this information out at a reasonable price.

It is so worth the money.


Karen R.


Hi Jackie,

I just wanted to send a thank you to you for sharing the wealth of information with those of us interested in the home staging business. I was 2 weeks away for signing up with another program at $895.00 which I don't have and was going to take out a loan. This is so much help! Again thank you Jackie!

Thank You,

Amber K.



Thank you so much!! You have so much valuable information we couldn't believe it! You seem to have made everything so easy. We can't wait to get started. Thank you again for your quick response and great product!


Lori and Christine


I created my home staging business course, Home Staging Success, as an affordable and effective home staging training system that you can complete at your own pace.

The way to learn anything is by practicing. Just like you learned to tie your shoes, ride a bike, bake a cake, and drive a car. You’ll learn home staging the same way with Home Staging Success, and you’ll have all the info you need handed to you… so you can get your business going quickly!


Here's What You Get With Home Staging Success:


·         A step-by-step home staging how-to guide for each room in the home, so you can stage like a pro even if you've never done it before.

·         31 easy ways to boost the curb appeal of any home. These tips turn homes from “blah” to “beautiful” every time.

·         Fool-proof marketing tips and tricks to make your phone ring and get your new home staging business rolling fast.

·         Pre-written marketing letters to send to real estate agents and homeowners - just fill in the blanks and put them in the mail. Done!

·         All the intricacies of meeting clients and evaluating homes… my ebook will walk you through every baby step so that you know exactly what to do every time.

·         A complete blueprint for success as a professional home stager so you can start making $70 per hour and up!

·         Home staging forms and checklists to make starting out a breeze.

·         Essential decorating do’s and don’ts that apply specifically to staging homes.

·         My useful “Location Problem Solver” to help you address difficult location issues. Clients will LOVE you for this!


I’m Handing You The Keys To

Your New Home Staging Business!


If you want to be able to walk away from your unsatisfying job and start using your creativity every day (and get paid very well) - Home Staging Success is your first step.

If you want the freedom to set your own hours, take vacations, and work as much or as little as you want to, my ebook will jumpstart your new lifestyle.

If you want learn how to build your own successful business, earn a very good living, and help people in the process, then this is the best course for you.

On the other hand, if you’re stuck on the belief that the only way to learn home staging is by attending an overpriced seminar, then this is not the home staging course for you.

Simply stated, Home Staging Success is an affordable and easy way to get started today. You don't have to take time away from work and family, because you'll learn everything without leaving home.

And you won't be forking over thousands of dollars in class fees and travel expenses because my Home Staging Success course is only $37.

So for just $37, you get a proven Home Staging business start-up guide that will place you on the path to financial and personal success quickly.

Remember, your dream job is right under your nose… in fact, it’s your dream LIFESTYLE!

And with the security of our no hassle, no questions asked 56-day money-back guarantee, you'll try Home Staging Success out risk-free.

If it isn't for you, just let me know and I'll refund your money promptly.

Checkout is secure, so just click here to get started today.


Jackie Riley

P.S. Remember, you can start with any level of home staging experience - so whether you've staged homes before or have no experience at all - you'll gain expert advice and savvy marketing tips from my course, plus the easy step-by-step home staging instructions to do an amazing job. Home Staging Success is your complete home staging business start-up guide - for only $37 my ebook will walk you through every single step! Break free of your daily grind and order today!

P.S.S. Free Gift: Sign Up Now And You'll Also Receive Our Professionally Designed Home Staging Forms & Home Staging Checklists

So many people have asked me for home staging forms and checklists...and now I'm offering them to you as a free gift to help you get started.

These home staging business forms will take you through the every step of the home staging process.

I spent many hours creating these home staging forms (and let me tell you, it was tedious work!) then I had a professional designer polish them up for you and they look fantastic!

Why re-invent the wheel?

Don't spend hours bored to tears creating home staging forms and checklists - just use ours. You'll receive:

*Home Staging Proposal Form

*Home Staging Business Checklist #1- home staging step-by-step

*Home Staging Report

*Home Staging Business Worksheet (11 pages)

*Agent Contact Data Form (keep track of all those agents you'll be talking to)

*Homeowner Survey Form

*Home Staging Checklist #2 (guides you through all the staging techniques for every room in the home)

*Home Staging Checklist #3 - Home Staging Tools

*Home Staging Business Mileage Form

Sign up & get started on your dream lifestyle right now.

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